Tuesday, July 21, 2009

alix3d3: issue when booting up

The router is almost ok, now I am trying to boot the board. However, when no screen is attached, it hangs at boot time, after displaying an error message with "edd". I tried to disable it, it didn't help.. I've no clue yet, but I'm investigating. Since I don't have any screen in here, it makes thinks more difficult :P...

EDIT: some guy (Chris) proposed a genius idea:

Get a paperclip and carefully insert into the VGA header plug, shorting pin 6 to pin 12 (middle row far right to bottom row 2nd from the right). Whenever you don't have a monitor attached leave the paperclip in. Your Alix 3c3 will now boot up without a monitor attached.

So greats to him :).

According to Wikipedia, Pin 6 = Red return and Pin 12 = PC Data, then it makes sense to bridge them.

Apparently, CONFIG_FIRMWARE_EDID=n should fix it, too.


  1. Hi there. You can also download the new beta bios for the board. I had the same problem on the Alix.1c, but the new bios resolves this.


  2. Oh yeah, indeed, I see that it has been fixed, thanks for reporting it.

    From website (alix3d3):

    "beta Fix LEDs, VGA DDC issue (boot hang), free up MFGPT timers. "

    Actually, I had to compile my own kernel, so I disabled CONFIG_FIRMWARE_EDID and now it's working great.